Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two miraculasly escape death in Quepem

A motor cycle pilot and a pillion rider miraculously escape death however suffered severe major injuries on Saturday June 05, 2010 in Quepem just infront of RTO office and infront of a police officer deputed to regulate mining truck when a speeding mining truck dashed the motorcycle at the back and then dragged at a distance of 10 meters.

Sources informed that on Saturday at around Caetan Rebelo a motorcycle pilot of Quepem and resident of Godgal, Ambaulim along with a pillion rider were proceeding on the Motorcycle bearing No.GA-09-U-0387 and the truck bearing No,GA-08-U-8713 driven by Iscarew Mathew Sunny, presently residing at Cacumordi but native of Karnataka, was proceeding in the same direction dashed the motorcycle at the back , the motorcycle along with the pilot and the pillion rider then caught up at the back wheel who were dragged at a distance of 10 mts.

Caetan Rebelo suffered severe injure to his body including kidney and is under critical position while the right leg of the Pillion rider has been crushed. Both are admitted in Hospicio Hospital Margao.

Sources informed that the driver of the truck was under the influence of liquor, when police were contacted and questioned about the alkometer test done on the driver informed herald that the driver was not under the influence of liquor. Sources further informed that the truck involved in the accident belongs to one of the RTO officer of Quepem. The Quepem police arrested the driver of the truck and booked him for rush and negligent driving and for endangering public life.

John Fernandes

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