Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mining transport continues in rains, violates administrative order

Every year mining transport from June to October remain close down. However this years though almost 20 days has been passed since the beginning of rainy season the mining transport via Quepem town is still going on that too in violation of the administrative order passed by the Collector of South Goa and the Dy-Collector of Quepem. Thank to the lenient approach of the respective police in implementing the order against the mining.
That mining transport which is still in operation from one of the mine operating at Maina of Quepem taluka starts at around 5.30AM in the morning and even continues in full swing from 7 to 8AM in utter disrespect to the Dy-collector order dated 4/6/2010.

The Dy-Collector order dated 4/6/2010 states that in view of the opening of the schools from 7/6/2010 and for the safety of student this office prohibits the mining trucks from the road from 7.00AM to 8.00AM and 1.00PM to 2.00PM so that the students from these areas can safely reach to school in time and reach their residence. The work of implementing the order is entrusted to the respective police station. However in violation of the said order of the Dy-Collector the mining transport via Quepem town is going that too in front of the Quepem police deputed in Quepem town. The operation was going on even on Monday (21/6/2010)

Sources informed that the operation of mining transport going on early morning and continues between 7 am to 8 am endanger the life of the students as school going children find it difficult to pass by the road or to cross the road. It also affect the farming community as it being a rainy season the farmers from Ambaulim and other areas prefers to go to their paddy field with their Yolk ( bull) early in the morning.

On Francis Fernandes from Ambaulim complaint “operation of mining transport early morning not only disturb our sleep but it also affect us while going to our paddy field with our cattle.” He further informed that the spillage of ore on the road turns the entire road slippery.

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