Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mining, heavy rains floods Kushavati: Paroda submerged, highway blocked

By John Fernandes

The Quepem Margao Highway at paroda submerged under water since early Saturday morning as the Kushawati flooded thereby disturbing the normal life on this route. The traffic going to Margoa was diverted via Amona - Chandor side. The submergence of the Quepem Margao high way continues at the filing of this report in the late evening of June 26, 2010.

The heavy rain caused damaged to properties at Cacora, Shelvona and Amona. At Shelvona the house of one Subhash Chadra Dessai flooded with water thereby causing damage to the extent of Rs.2000/- while at Cocora the house of one Rosita Dias collapse thereby causing loss to the extent of Rs.35,000/- and at Amona the house of one Julio Dias damaged thereby causing loss to the extend of Rs.8000/-. No damage to life was reported.

It is a regular feature that every year Kushawati River get flooded at Paroda in the month July or in August when the down pour of rain is heavy. This year it flooded in the month of June itself. The Quepem Margao high way submerged at three places at Karale, near Paroda temple and near the Paroda Church. The main sufferer are the school children from Mule , Karale and other places who goes to Immaculate Conception High School which located across Kushawati river.

One Joazinho D’Cunha who is over 60 years of age and ,resides on the bank of Kushawati river informed that in his entire life has not witness Kushawati river flood in the month of June. The Kushawati River used to get flooded either in the month of july or August that to if it rains heavily for consecutive two to three. The present situation shows that some thing wrong has been done to the Kushawati River. Informed said Juazinho futher.

Rama Velip of Colomba informed that the flooding of Kusahwati river is solely not because of heavy rain, but it is mainly due to the siltation of the low lying area of the river and due to release of water from the mining pond of the mines operating in Rivona, colomba, Cavrem, Maina which are the catchment areas/feeding ground of Kushawati river. Rama Velip further informed that when it rains heavily lot of rain water get accumulated into the mining ponds and in order to avoid unwarranted damage to the mining pond/pit the mining companies lets out the water saturated into the mining pit/pond into the Kushawati river or into its tributaries which results in flooding of river even if it rains heavily for one day. The villagers of Colomba has even filed a writ petition in the High Court highlighting these issues informed said Rama further.

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