Monday, December 8, 2008

Quepem Police Inspector serves four days deadline on Colamb villagers

The following people were present on December 04, 2008 at Quepem Police Station when PI Santosh Dessai gave 4 days deadline to Colamb villagers to end their agitation. Failing which he said he would unleash police terror on them by mobilizing police force from all over Goa and crush the agitation the same way Meta Strips agitation was crushed some years ago.

They were also warned that in case they persist in agitating then they will be Tadi Par - a form of punishment that means exile - and forbidden from entering South Goa. Two Fomento managers also were there for the meeting and PI Santosh Dessai told the villagers to compromise with the mining company and accept 'sustainable mining' in Colamb.

Rama Velip, Salvador Dias, Telu Dias, Xavier Fernandes, Purso Gaoncar, Arjun Velip, Chandrakant Gaonkar and Surya Gaonkar.

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