Sunday, December 14, 2008

Diversion of Kalsa-Bhandura (Mahadayi /Mandovi) River Completed

River diversion project on the border of Karnataka-Goa

December 11, 2008

1. Karnataka has successfully diverted the west flowing Kalsa (Mahadayi) river into east flowing Malaprabha River.

2. River originates in Western Ghats on Karnataka – Goa border but flows down into Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa. It is not only lifeline of the Goa but also supports precious wildlife of sanctuary. Hence it won't be flowing into Goa now but into Karnataka.

3. Work of diversion of river in Karnataka was going on at very fast pace in violation of Wildlife Protection Act & Forest Conservation Act.

4. Though there are number of pending suits in Supreme Court by Govt of Goa & environmentalists from Goa & Karnataka work has continued.

5. It is one of saddest story for small state of Goa & it people in the Western Ghats… bigger state has forcefully stopped the river which was life line for Goa.

Shrihari Kugaji, Paryavarani Belgaum,

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