Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ponda's Keri village threathened by Girish Tamba mining menace

Houses in locality of Ambade, Keri in Ponda taluka has developed cracks due to blasting of granite stone quarry.
The stone Quarry is operated in a property owned by London based Dr. Anil Dessai who is hailing from this village. He was instrumental in fighting Thapar-Du pond owned Nylon 6,6 in the decade of 1990s. It is not sure as to why he is contributing to enormous destruction of people's livelihood and drying up of water bodies in the locality.
Agitation against this quarry is 13 years old and was suppressed by physical threats to the villagers and by application of Police threats. The Public meeting convened on December 28, 2008 near Keri's Vethal temple served January 20, 2009 deadline for Girish Tamba to stop his operations forever in the village and pledged to stand up against the Goonda might of Girish Tamba.

Pictures in this posting display letters of protests of the local villagers way back in 1997. Authorities and local vested interests has been treating these villagers with utmost contempt.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Gaurav said...

This is all exaggeration and fabrication. Girish Tamba is well within his rights,implementing maximum environmental safety that can be expected from a mine (and more). As can be seen in reality, the villagers continue to fail in legally proving any evidence of malpractice or environmental hazards. The village that oppose Mr. Girish Tamba are in fact, the resorting to unconstitutional methods, which can be remembered from a few years ago.

I strongly recommend this article be reviewed carefully, and such articles should not be posted in the future without concrete evidence reinforcing their meaning.

MAND said...

Thank you Gaurav for posting this comment. I will get back to the concerned and investigate further.

Sebastian Rodrigues