Sunday, December 14, 2008

Colamb mining: Outsourcing of Goa Police funtioning?

Is Goa Police outsourcing its functioning in Colamb mining issue? The indications are available to point to this direction. Yesterday Dececember 13, 2008 when two Colamb women active in movement against mining activities carried on by Fomentos - Milagrine Antao and Dument Antao were on marketing visit at Sanvordem market when an unknown person approached them with a photograph of young man from Colamb also active in the movement against mining - Tedoz Antao - and told them that his 'Saib' has passed on this photo to him with an order to find catch and hand him over to police. The two women then questioned the stranger about his boss and he told them that his boss is Quepem Police Inspector Santosh Desai.

The stranger told women that Quepem PI has told him that Tedoz Antao is a noted criminal involved in dacoities and money swindling. The women challenged the stranger to get his 'Saib' to their house in Colamb personally and tell them as about the dacoity and money swindling cases wherein Tedoz Antao is involved.

Actual fact of the matter is that Fomentos mining company has filed false criminal cases against him and Police team from Quepem Police station had even visited his house on November 22, 2008 to arrest him but could not do so as he was not at home.

Yesterday's questioning of Colamb women in Sanvordem market by stanger on behalf of Quepem Police is one more instance of desperate attempts by Goa Police-Fomento nexus to spread terror amongst common people by outsourcing its functions. In case anything untowards happens to anyone in Colamb everyone will hold Goa Police-Fomento nexus responsible.

On International Human Rights Day December 10, 2008 there was widespread condemnation of flagrant human rights violations by Goa Police specially by PI Santosh Dessai posted at Quepem Police Station.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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