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27 instances of recent Human Right violations in Goa's mining belt

1. December 04, 2008
Quepem Police Station, Quepem, Goa
Colomba villagers warned of Tadi Par. Served 4 days deadline by PI Santosh Desai to end agitation against Fomento mining and accept sustainable mining. If villagers don’t listen then their agitation will be crushed with heavy police force. Entire Police force from Goa will be mobilized to unleash terror on Colamb villagers. Rama Velip, Salvador Dias, Telu Dias, Xavier Fernandes, Purso Gaoncar, Arjun Velip, Chandrakant Gaonkar and Surya Gaonkar witnessed PI Santosh Dessai telling them all this in presence of two Fomento mining company officials.

2. December 01, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police protection provided to Fomentos to transport Iron Ore at Hiralal Khodidas mine (T.C. No. 06/1949). Police protection continues till date for transportation of Ore.

3. November 29, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police Protection provided to Fomento Manager en route to Quepem Police Station to file complaint against villagers after they forced stopped the mining transportation.

4. November 27, 2008
Ambaulim, Quepem
Police in riot gear clashed on streets when Ambaulim villagers blocked Iron Ore transport of Dinar Tarcar and Fomentos due to over loading and dust pollution.

5. Novemeber 22, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police team visited village with intention to arrest young Tedoz Antao based on the complaint filed against him by Fomento security personnel.

6. Novemeber 19, 2008
Quepem Police Station, Quepem, Goa
Warning of Tadi Par – Exile by Police – informally sent to Egyps D’Souza by PI Santos Dessai. Egyps would be debarred from entering South Goa jurisdiction.

7. November 17, 2008
Quepem Police Station, Quepem, Goa
7 villagers from Colomba, Sanguem protesting against mining invasion of their village was arrested in fabricated criminal case filed by Fomento mining company supporter Surya Naik. PI Santos Dessai began arrests by taking Egyps D’Souza into Police custody while he was moving around in Tilamol market. 8 arrested were later released on bail. The villagers are Motesh Antao, Egyps D'Souza, Dument D'Souza, Shanto Velip, Rama Velip, Telu Dias and Xavier Fernandes. They were punished with day long forced stay at Quepem Police station on the next day - November 18, 2008

8. Novemeber 12, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
86 protestor on Fomento mine T.C.No. 06/1946 were arrested and later released on bail. Fr. Mathias D’Cunha sdb from Sulcorna was abused and threatened by Fomento mining company by some unruly elements defending Fomentos. He has lodged police complaint. PI Santos Dessai was present on the site. At the police station placards of Colomba villagers were confiscated and torn apart. Police also destroyed people’s food while effecting arrests. Goa Armed Police Van and two jeeps full of Police personnel were put in action in defense of the Fomentos. One lady constable bearing badge number 6769 assaulted Colamb woman Dument D’Souza just before the arrests in the afternoon in presence of mamlatdar. Mining security staff along with the truck drivers assaulted three people while police were affecting arrest.

9. November 13, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police night patrolling in the village with three police Jeeps began. Police night patrolling continues till date.

10. October 11, 2008
Maina, Quepem
Eight protestors were beaten up by goons of the mining industry in the presence of police personnel headed by PI Santos Dessai and protestors arrested and sent to jail. 85 year old Dora De Souza too was arrested while she with a group of protestors chained herself on the road carrying iron ore away from the mine. She along with other 3 women were sent to Aguada Jail. Zilla Parishad member Subhas Phaldessai led the attack on protestors at Dinar Tarcar Mine. PI Santos Dessai remained passive observer during this time. Priest Mathias D’Cunha sdb too was beaten up and taken into police custody.

11. October 15, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police protection to Fomento mine T.C. 06/1949

12. June 05, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Heavy police security in police arrangement as villagers observed celebrated World Environment Day

13. June 04, 2008
Porvorim, Bardez
Advalpal villagers stopped on their way to Panjim to celebrate World Environment Day and demonstration in front of Sesa Ghor. Their bus taken away to Panjim Police station.

14. May 21, 2008
Advalpal, Bicholim
Sheetal Thanekar, Surekha Santosh Gaonkar and 17 year old Sandesh Vithal Gaonkar was beaten by Sesa Goa goons at around 3.00 pm. Police case registered. Police are yet to make any arrests so far.

15. May 20, 2008
Advalpal, Bicholim
Police Protection provided to Fomento mine.

16. May 19, 2008
Advalpal, Bicholim
Criminal cases registered against 70 villagers at the behest Fomento mining company. Fomento mining company had filed police cases against following 12 Advalpal villagers Shyamsunder Naik, Sharmila Naik, Kishore Naik, Kashinath Gad, Vijay Pundloskar, Ganesh Naik, Babi Gaonkar, Suresh Gad, Shrikant Gaonkar, Manguesh Gad, Amar Shetye and Pradip Gaonkar. The cases were registered under following sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC): 143, 144, 147, 148, 323, 427, 341, 506 and 149.
Out of these 4 people were arrested namely, Shyamsunder Naik, Sharmila Naik, Kishore Naik and Kashinath Gad. Fomentos are operating Litho Ferro mining lease in Advalpal

17. May 21, 2008
Nuem, Khola, Canacona
Dempo Mine: contractor Gangesh Molu Dessai, landed at the site with around 40 police personal from Cuncolim, Margao, Maina Curtorim, Colva, IRB who were headed by Cuncolim P.I. Sidhant Shirodkar and Colva P.I. Edwin Colaco. The Canacona Execuitive Magistrate Shri Valvoikar made his presence over there. The police started clearing the obstruction which was there on the way leading to the mine. the police were stationed at the site till 4.00 PM

18. April 22, 2008
Quepem Police Station, Quepem
Fomento Manager Atul Makode Manager of Hiralal and Khodidas mine Colomba has on 22/4/2008 filed a false and distorted complaint before the Quepem police against 18 villagers of Colomba villagers.The complaint has been filed under section 143(punishment for forming an unlawful assembly) , 147( punishment for rioting) , 447(Punishment for criminal trespass) , 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint) , 506(2) (punishment for criminal intimidation) , 425 (Mischief ) , 427( Mischief causing damage to the amount of Fifty rupees) , r/w. 149 of IPC.The 18 villagers against whom the complaint has been filed includes 1.Premdas Velip, 2.Alcina Dias, 3. Agnelo D’Souza, 4. Caetan Barreto, 5. Egypt D’Souza, 6. Tilu Dias, 7. Vincent Dias, 8. Palmira Dias, 9. Dumena D’Souza,10. Bhagrati Velip, 11. Shanta Velip, 12. Kalawati Velip, 13. Chandrakant Gaonkar, 14. Vithabai Velip, 15. Concy Antao, 16. Kalidas Naik, 17. Surya Gaonkar, 18.Gavnekar

19. April 12, 2008
Margao, Salcete
South Goa Collector Gokuldas Naik threatens to deploy police force to protect Fomentos to transport Ore from Colomba.

20. March 25, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
24 villagers including women arrested while blocking transportation of Iron Ore from Fomento Mine. Police beat up villagers and snatched earrings of one woman. 16 male constables and 6 lady constables engaged to arrest 16 Women and 5 men. Women were picked up by male constables – manhandled with some women complaining missing of their gold ornaments on their bodies during the scuffle with the police on the mining site.

21. March 11, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police protection to Fomento Mine.

22. February 11, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Police Protection to Fomento Mine

23. February 09, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
40 Police personnel deputed to protect Fomento mine in Colamb.

24. February 08, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
ASI P.V. Dessai attached to Quepem police station on one of the villagers – Agnelo Dias. The police jeep which was following the truck one of the police by name ASI P.V.Dessai got down from the jeep caught hold the colour of the youth shirt pulled him and then assaulted him with shoes one his private part and then pulled him into the police jeep.

25. January 23, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
Goa Police protection to Fomento mine.

26. January 21, 2008
Colomba, Sanguem
PI Mhahmal of Quepem Police station over the phone threatened Rama Velip that if the villagers continue to march on the Fomento mines then he will arrest all the villagers.

27. November 20, 2007
Colomba, Sanguem
A group of 8 Policemen came in plain clothes at 6 pm and began threatening the villagers. They were searching Agnelo D'Souza, one of the villagers in forefront of protest against mining threatening to gobble up Colamb village. He had protested overvhelmingly during Novemeber 18 2007 gram Sabha of the Rivona village panchayat and sought resulation seeking to ban further mining activity in Colamb.

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