Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heavy Police deployment in Ambaulim, Quepem

According to the reports received at 11.15 am this morning heavy police deployment in Ambaulim, Quepem, Goa has taken place. Since morning villagers of Ambaulim has blocked the public road transporting iron ore from mines operated operated by Fomentos and Dinar Tacar. Hundreds of mining trucks are stopped on the road.

Police with riot gears are set to clash with Goans standing up to mining industry's terror in Goa's hinterland. Quepem Depuy collector too is present on the venue in case lathi orders become necessary. Police now has blocked public road. So scarred are mining companies! And Goa Chief Minister is only busy playing his flute while Goa is terrorised by mining industry...a la Nero!

Of late there as been number of high visibility public actions against mining industry. On October 11 2008 in Maina, Quepem Goa Police supervised beating up of protesters by mining company thugs. Police then arrested the protesters. On November 12, 2008 same was repeated in Colamb, Sanguem when villagers and people from other parts of Goa laid siege to Fomento mines and 86 people were arrested. On November 18, 2008 protesters fighting Fomentos in Colamb were framed in criminal case and arrested.

Today's action in Ambaulim is set to become another very important page in history of Goa all out to fight mining terror in that is lasting for the past 60 years beginning from Portuguese Colonial era that ended in 1961 but legacy of exploitation continues in free India. In fact Goa's liberation struggle has began. This time liberation from mining exploitation and terror.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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