Thursday, November 20, 2008

GOAMAP demands closure of Fomento mine in Colamb

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) strongly condemns repeated Police harassment by way of arrests of Colamb protestors against mining companies. Latest arrests of seven people on November 17 2008 is another testimony the fact that Police is allowing themselves to be used to further the interest of the mining companies in Goa.

The seven people includes Rama Velip, Motesh Antao, Egyps D’Suza, Dument D’Souza, Shanto Velip, Telu Dias and Xavier Fernandes.

Few days earlier on November 12 2008 around 86 people were arrested while protesting against the mining company that operates lease 06/1949 belonging to Hiralal Khodidas. Besides arrests three people were also beaten up in presence of Police force at the mine site.

This collusion between mining companies and mining mafia had been observed earlier on October 11 2008 when around eight protestors were beaten up by goons of the mining industry in the presence of police personnel and protestors arrested and sent to jail.

Before that there has been on number of instances where in Police were used to defend the mining companies that are all out to ravage the village economy in Colamb. The situation is grave in the light of the fact that in case mining companies are allowed to operate the mining leases then there is going to be no land left for the village. Out of 1929 hectares of village land 1510 hectares are covered by mining leases.

It is indeed a tragedy of our times that mining companies and our political leadership is systematically letting Goa die a fast death by drying up water sources and ruining of agriculture.

GOAMAP demands that Goa government take urgent notice of the prevailing situation and close down the controversial mine and cancel its mining lease.

Sebastian Rodrigues


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