Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fomentos, Colomba is not for mining!

The March on Fomentos mine on November 12 2008

Fomento employees in uniform - Blue shirt, Black pant and black shoes - on the day villagers from Colamb and other villagers marched on the mine.

Fomento mine in operation in Colamb

Villagers after arrests at Quepem police station

In the middle of preparations just outside the gate of the mining company

Discussions prior to marching on mines

Assembled people occupied road leading to Fomento mine

Republic on the mines!

Save Colamb from mining terrorism

Blocking Fomentos road to destruction

Inside Police van on the way to Quepem police station after being forcefully arrested on the orders of mamlatdar Sudin Natu. Traditional role of mamlatdar was to protect agriculture today it changed to destroy agriculture. Villagers of Colamb like Purso Gaonkar questioned and objected to the role of Mamlatdar in ordering arrests of the villagers.

This one is Police Inspector Santosh Dessai in bull charge pose against Motesh Antao of Colamb village on the mine. Motesh is fierless defender of Colamb and PI Santosh Dessai is fearless defender of Fomento minng company. On October 11 2008 he colluded with Dinar Tarcar mines in Maina, Quepem to beat up 8 protestors by minng goons in his presence. PI Santosh behaved as a blind man pretending nothing has ever happend and went on to arrest protestors and even sent them to jail. One of the arrested includes 85 year old grandmother Dora de Souza who had chained herself in front of the mining company.

Would mark on the tigh of one of the protestors beaten up by Fomento security. Pain caused with this would are multiplying fast and Fomentos will have to answer for all that it has done to nature, agriculture and human beings in their corporate history.

Torn shirt of one of the protestor, Courtesy Fomento mining company that has invaded adivasi lands in Colamb.

Bulldozer on the more peice of mountain to be chopped to earn profits for Fomentos.

Police tore apart banners of Colamb villagers. Police tore apart freedom of expression guranteed under the Constitution of India. PI Santosh Dessai ordered to tear these posters according to information provided by eye witneses.

Police in Action

Goa Armed police force brought in by Fomentos to quell democracy

Police preparing for arrest of the protestors

Squating protestors with their messages on banners at Fomento mine

Fomentos, Don't rape Colomba!

Message to Fomentos: Colamb is for fields and farms and not for mines.

Trucks inside Fomento mine

Mining trucks in operation on November 12 2008

Sebastian Roderigues with pictures from GAKUVED and GOAMAP teams in Rivona.

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