Friday, May 9, 2008

Syngenta expansion plans opposed at Corlim Gram Sabha.

Gram Sabha - Assembly of the villagers at Corlim Panchayat opposed expansion of Swiss Multinational Corporation - Syngenta based in Corlim Tiwadi. Gram Sabha meeting held on April 27 2008 passed resolution to challenge the Deputy director of Panchayat in higher authorities of Power.

'All Gram Sabha members present proposed that regarding construction of TXM3 Plant; decided to appeal in Director of Panchayats against the orders of Deputy Director of Panchayat. If Director passed same order then appeal in High Court. There is a Gram Sabha resolution passed against the expansion of TMX3 dated 17/02/2008 yet Deputy director of Panchayat has passed order against the Gram Sabha to issue construction licence to Syngenta. This act of Deputy Director of Panchayat is in contradiction of Constitution of India that empowered public.

Decision of Deputy Director of Panchayat is against the interest of the Constitutional provisions. Therefore Gram Sabha opposed the order unanimously resolved.'

Syngenta's expansion proposal have been facing stiff opposition from various sections of Society in Goa on number of grounds. Public Hearing held on February 29, 2008 too turned hostile for the Swiss Corporate. Syngenta have been operating in Goa for the past 37 years after they were handed over adivasi lands at the cost of 25 paise per square meter. You may wish to look at the Syngenta sale deed here.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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