Friday, May 2, 2008

Mining Mafia invades Colamb

Protesters today in Colamb targeted its Salvo at Goa Government for its utter irresponsible behaviour in protecting agriculture and water sources - that are source of life, in order to benefit few filthy rich like Fomentos.

The Encircled and boxed truck driver was responsible for stripping his pants, Kicking Socorina Dias and Motesh Antao. Mining Companies are now deploying mafia achieve its goals of breaking unity of Colamb villagers. Goa Government simply looks other way giving free hands to goons.

Milagrina Antao with other women are questioning pathetic law and order situation in their village. "How much more do we have to struggle to make Goa government listen?"

It is the State government as well as the Central Government that is responsible for mining terrorism in Colamb just the way rest of Goa is victimised. Goa Government has been held hostage by terrorists - the mining companies - Indian as well as multinationals like Sesa Goa.

Motesh Antao is one of the fearless fighters of Colamb. Today he was targeted by Sanvordem Goons.

Socorina Dias after being kicked on her stomach/chest during the mining trucks road blockade today.

The slogans of Colamb are increasing day by day. The slogans are destined to smash Goa Government's deafness.

Women guard as the truck que up at the 'people power' of the Colamb adivasis. Will Goa government free itself from the shackles of the mining companies?

Constancio Rodrigues
Vinaya D'Souza
Smitha Olivera
Mercilina Sen
Sebastian Rodrigues
Rama Velip

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