Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures and Slogans from Advalpal agitation in Goa

Advalpal villagers wants the three mines in their village to close down: Salgaoncars, Fomentos, and multinational - Vedanta owned Sesa Goa.
Youth power has been major strength of the Advalpal Peolple's movement.

These four are qualified to be going in for history books of the future. They have been charged by Judiciary and are ordered to be present from 9 am to 1.00 pm for five days. They are Kishore Naik, Kashinath Gad, Sharmila Naik and Shamsunder Naik.

These three were assaulted by the goons on Sesa Goa mines yesterday - May 21, 2008. They are Sandesh Vithal Gaonkar, Surekha Santosh Gaonkar and Sheetal Thanekar.

"We don't want mining rejects, We want our water, our agriculture" message is clear on the placart.

Moments of heat at Bicholim Police Station: villagers demanded nothing short of complete closure of all the three mines in Advalpal.

Men and Women fighting together to defend Advalpal village.

Women Power has been mainstay of the Advalpal agitation, State will have to respond to their demand soon against pressures of the mining barons.

Nothing now stops Advalpal villagers from marching further; plenty of anger displayed today outside the Deputy collector's office.

Police force is deployed to guard Deputy Collector's office in Bicholim. Deputy Collector is dilly-dallying to prepare factual report that none of the three mines have fulfilled conditions in their Environmental clearances provided by Central Ministry of Environment and Forest. Time will tell as to how long this will go on.

Women left their houses and are squatting in front of the deputy collector's office.

"We will fight to the end, We will defend Advalpal"

Just before going into delegation to meet Deputy Collector Arvind Bugade today afternoon to submit memorandum on Advalpal mining issue.

Women participated with their children too; with early exposure of the agitations the future of these children are shaped in the movement.

"Don't convert our village into burial ground, Don't protect mining companies"

"United we demand, close down mines in Advalpal".

Women from Advalpal is on warpath with mining companies - Fomentos, Salgaoncar, and Sesa Goa.

The copy of the Police case registered by Advalpal villagers against unknown persons. Bicholim PI today promised to investigate and frame necessary charges.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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way to go Seby! Much power to you and the Advalpalkars!