Thursday, May 8, 2008

Advalpal villagers protest against mining companies

Sharmila Naik gestures and laments drying up of the natural spring at this spot due to rampant mining by Sesa Goa, Salgaoncars, Fomentos and Damodar Mangalji mining company, along with several contractors that includes Trimuthy that allegedly shares links with underground mafia and also involved in Sarvan Zantye mining as contrators.

On May 04 2008 Public meet was organised in Advalpal Village wherein large number of people turned out. People from Colamb in Sanguem too made it there to offer their Solidarity.

This is a village crematorium ground being dug for mining purpose by Sesa Goa mining company.

The agrarian economy of this village stands to get shattered if mining invasion continues in Advalpal.

This is a boundary stone of the Sesa Goa mining lease that touches public road. Just imagine the state of things to come.
Village women and children are psychologically prepared for the oncoming battle with mining companies. The possibility of direct combat is so real in Advalpal.
Sesa Goa lets pumped water from its mining pit into the people's agricultural fields flooding the the yet-to-be-harvested paddy causing damage to agriculture.
Cashew plantations have suffered enormously due to opencast iron ore mining on Advalpal-Sirigao region. This women is witness to the mockery of Advalpal by mining companies.

Young and Old are together in the Advalpal mining battlefield. These mines were closed down in the decade of 1960s when explosion on mines led to death of four women workers.

Village water sources has been silted due to wash off from mining activities in Advalpal hills.

Villagers blocked Sesa Goa from destroying this mountain. Police however were threatening to unleash violence on the villagers.

This picture is from the top of the mountain that is being mined by Sesa Goa. Forest, Fields, Houses and all forms of life will be negatively affected due to the mining disaster.

Youth power is major strength of the Advalpal people up in arms to defend their village.
This is Ore deposit forced to unload in the village itself after villagers protested.
History is in making in Goa's mining belt every day with new twists and folds.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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