Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quepem town bridge cracks due to mining trucks overload

Taking cognizance of Report in newspaper - Herald 24/10/2009 - a concerned Citizen of Quepem Adv. Fredrick Pereira in the interest of public has filed a complaint before Sub-Divisional Magistrate Quepem requesting therein to stop the mining transportation plying over the bridge.

In his complaint filed before the SDM Quepem Copy of which has been forwarded to the District Magistrate, South-Goa , the Executive Chief Engineer P.W.D, P.W.D Minister, Quepem MLA, Adv. Pereira has stated that the Quepem bridge which was constructed about 50 years back has become weak and cracks have been developed to it and as such is not feasible for heavy transportation.

He has further stated that upon bringing this to the attention of the local PWD, the officials were quick to brush aside this grave issue, without applying their mind by cursorily and vaguely declaring that the cracks were a result of unevenness in the road surface.

That on the very same day, 24-10-09, the PWD officials were extra quick to cover up these cracks and other adjacent area with tar and other road building material so as to cover up the cracks, ( like how a wrinkled old woman does, by putting on make-up to appear young and youthful ) and give a false and deceptive impression, that nothing ever happened to the bridge and that it has stood the test of time and also to keep away curious, concerned and apprehensive minds from initiating any action to safeguard the bridge. “Out of sight is out of mind” is the motto behind the cover up by the PWD, who, it appears are doing so under directions of vested interests states the complaint further.

The complaint further states that the local PWD officials ought to have consulted and taken expert opinion in this matter from relevant experts as well as conducted basic tests, as it involves the safety of the bridge and eventually the life of the general public, in the event the bridge should collapse, which appears imminent unless proper and immediate salvage measures are taken

That the deterioration is further aggravated by the continuous and bumper to bumper plying of heavy overloaded trucks laden with iron ore which amounts to multiple Tons of unsafe and dangerous load on the bridge and it appears that the very cause of these cracks is this suggestion.

Adv. Pereira in his complaint prayed to execute the statutory laws and provisions envisaged under the Constitution of India and the Cr.P.C. to safeguard the welfare and safety of the general public..

He has also prayed to ban the movement of heavy traffic from plying over the Quepem bridge in the interest of public safety, until the bridge is declared safe for such use by the concerned and competent authority.

John Fernandes

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