Friday, October 9, 2009

Massive deforestation in Sivsorem, Rivona, Goa

According to the reports just coming in at 10.30 am on October 09, 2009 there is ongoing massive destruction of forest in Sivsorem in order to clear way to start open cast iron ore and manganese mining. The mass scale tree cutting is going ahead in the land that is demarcated as mining lease bearing T.C. No. 75/1952 in the name of one Voicunta Canecar of Margao bearing name Chunimolo or Gotifondodatembo covering area of 88.15 hectares of land recorded as in Colamb but existing in Rivona Panchayat jurisdiction covering survey numbers 88/1, 88/2, part of 138, 139, 140, 141, 87/1 and 89.

Public Hearing required under the law was held in Sanguem town on 12/12/2006. According to the sources in Forest department that spoke to Ramesh Gaouns on the condition of anonymity they have been granted environmental clearance by Indian Central Government's Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF). One of the conservator of Forest who refused to be named spoke to Ramesh Gauns and expressed his helplessness over the destruction of forest in Goa in highly planned manner by MoEF by allotting Environmental Clearances to the mining projects in Goa's Forest Areas. He said is applying for transfer to another place in Goa as he is totally frustrated as the upright forest officers hands are tight from taking any action against mining companies.

Conservator of Forest is lucky to have an option to go to another place in the Country but what about people of Goa? Where are we to go if mining companies continue their dangerous trend of transforming this State into draught region by sucking our water bodies and destroying our Forests?

May the MoEF withdraw all the Environmental Clearances accorded to the mining companies in the State of Goa. May it be blessed by universe and have change of heart and stop showering misery on the State of Goa. May Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh be enlightened and carry forward the mission to protect Goa and its forest with all the courage and honesty.

This is humble prayer from People of Goa. If the Indian Government is so determined to see that Goa is wiped away from the World map we would surely die with smile on our face if this will satisfy sadistic pleasures of mining companies and Indian Government. Once upon a time in 1961 on 19 December Indian Government came to Goa as its liberator. Today on in 2009 on 09 October Indian government is need of liberation. May India be liberated. May everyone in this land of India live happy, live in prosperity with misery and cruelty to none - not even to Goa, not even to Jairam Ramesh.

Long live Peace! Long live Joy! Long live Happiness! Long live Liberation!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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