Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mining trucks nuisance in Quepem

Tension rose high in Quepem town on October 27 2009 morning as over a minor accident that occurred in Quepem town the villagers of Quepem on Tuesday blocked the entire mining transportation plying via Quepem town for over an hour.

The villagers of Quepem are annoyed with the reckless operation of mining truck via Quepem as the mining truck are not following the terms and condition which the truck owners and transport contractor has given in writing to the villagers Quepemkar. The series of accident that took place in Quepem Bazar since Friday further annoyed the villagers and were waiting for an opportunity to stop the transport. The minor accident that took place on Tuesday morning followed by a challenge given by a mining sub contractor to one of the villager stating that ‘to stop the mining truck and show” generated the spark.

As soon as the accident took place around fifty villagers from Quepem town gathered and blocked the mining truck. The blocked which started at around 9.00 am continued till 9.45am . The transportation via Quepem town is so heavy that the line of loaded truck reached upto Igramol.

The Quepem P.I. Santosh Narvekar with police team rush to the site and try to pacify the agitating villagers. He told the agitators that they cannot stop transportation and told them that if they don’t want mining transport via Quepem town they can to a get court order. When his attention was drawn to a administrative order and questioned as to why the administrative order passed by the Dy-Collector with regard to mining truck are not implemented he could not reply.

The villagers then accused the police of being agent of the mining company as when the villager come on the road against the mining immediately police appears at the site however does nothing to prevent the nuisance such as overloading, over speeding, traffic ham that is being caused by the mining trucks. They also accused the police of not implementing the administrative orders passed by the Dy-Collector dated 26/11/2008 and 11/5/2009.

Then at around 9.35AM Dy-S.P. Rohidas Patre appeared at the spot and appealed to the agitators to allow the mining truck to go. After a long discussion with the Dy-S.P. that to when the Dy-SP assured that his office will see that the mining truck are obeying all the rules and regulations. At the time of discussion the Dy-SP and his police officer present prevented a reported from taking the photos of the discussion. The agitators then allow the mining transport to ply.
That in spite of the assurance given by the Dy-SP the overloading and over-speeding of the mining truck via Quepem town continued unabated that to in presence of police officers deputed at Quepem town.

Later on the Dy-SP. Called the agitators namely Amol kanekar, Sanjeev Borkar, Evanjelisto D’Costa, Nandan Hegde, Sandeep Dessai, the mining contractor Ashok Naik and other in his office for a discussion.

When contacted Dy-SP. Rohidas Patre denied the charges leveled against the police and stated that the villagers did not blocked the mining truck but stated that the blocked was caused due to the occurrence of miner accident.
John Fernandes

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