Friday, October 30, 2009

Mining trucks trails accident series in Quepem

The serious of accident involving mining truck reported in Quepem town on Thursday lead to traffic jam for over one and half hours which resulted in causing hardships to the public including school children.

The first accident involving mining truck that took place just opposite to Mamlatdar and Collector office. That while negotiating with the turn in front of collector building the mining truck bang into the wall of the adjacent garden.

The second accident that took place involving two mining truck took place near bridge. This resulted in traffic jam over one and half hours. There was a heavy rush of transportation of mining truck via Quepem town that after the line of mining truck reached up to Mother Tereza house Igramol which is around two kms distance.

The third accident involving mining truck was reported late in the evening near petrol pump in which a cyclist was knocked down by the truck. In the accident the cyclist suffered minor injuries.

One Sanjeev Borkar who is having a shop at Quepem informed that accident involving mining truck is a regular feature in Quepem town. “If constant accident and traffic jam took place than in the days to come the business in town will be badly affected.”

Another Shop Owner Evangelisto D’Costa informed that though the mining trucks pass by the side of the Assitant Director, Dy-Collector and mamlatdar office they does nothing to safeguard the safety of the public. Accusing the office of the Dy-Collector office D’Costa stated that the Dy-Collector office just pass order but does not bother whether they are implemented or not. “Are these order passed to keep them in show case or to pacify the agitators when they come on the road?” questioned D’Costa.
John Fernandes

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