Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tar balls sent Goa beaches on a toss

The big disaster of tar balls being washed on the shores of goan beaches is very disasterous, this sticky if come in contact with the skin doesnt go off easily.

Yesterday 31/8/10 the Colva Civic and Consumer Forum called the collector south Goa Mr G.P.Naik to inform him that hardly few people are sent to clean up and he replied that he will inform concerned dept but till late 31st evening no one extra came forward, except a few fire dept personnel who did some work but did not come today as they were instructed to go for tree cutting elsewhere.

Mrs Judith Almeida of the CCCF pleaded with people to come forward and help in the beach clean up, students from Infant Jesus came forward to help along with few volunteers from the Colva village and started the clean up today . As per Judith more people should have come forward to help as it is a big disaster and will affect the tourism industry in a big way , people have invested in hotels and other tourism related ventures but even they had not come to help.

Disaster management cell in Goa seems to be non existent as they did not take the situation under control and people of the village had to do the work, even the panchayat members were not to be seen except for one lady panch member.

Yesterday the labourers brought by some govt agencies dug holes in the sand on the beach and filled it up with the tar , they were later stopped by CCCF volunteers , there was no expert from the govt side as to advice and instruct these men who were sent as to what was the nature of work.

Madonna Almeida

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Bevinda Collaco said...

Can tar balls be used for anything? Recycled, used as fuel. Any infoCollacormation on this?