Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attack on Vanxim defender

18 May 2010

The Superintendent of Police,
(North Goa)
Porvorim, Goa

Sub: Threat to my life

Dear sir,

I have to bring to your kind attention the incidence which happened at the meeting venue place Vanxim (Ilhas) inside the Church compound on the 16th day of May 2010 at 5.30 pm.

The dignitaries present for the meeting were:-
Our MLA (Pandurang Madkaikar), The Appellant (Mr. Mahendra Gaunekar), Agent of Mr. Mahendre Gaunekar - Mr. Philip D'Mello, Sarpanch Mr. Tulsidas Kundaikar, panch Mr. Manuvel Furtado, Panch Rama Bomkar and all our villagers.

The meeting was conducted in an unorganised manner without any appropriate agenda.

The meeting was addressed by our MLA Mr. Pandurang Madkaikar, and he asked the gathering regarding the upcoming project which was not disclosed to our villagers by our incapable Panch.

Through the print media and the internet we learnt a lot of things which have taken place without the knowledge of the people of this soil.

Very unrosy picture was presented in the media about our village in order to gain grounds under the pretext of development.

Awareness was created, among the villagers about the illegal sale of land of the island by vested interests.

This was the time we all came forward and collected a lot of evidence which was presented to them at th meeting, like forged documents, thumb impression of uneducated people by ransom and cheating.

On the pretext of only buying the agricultural land and redeveloping their houses are made homeless.

As I was presenting these documents as evidence the Panch who felt he would have been exposed jambed along with his file over my documents; without having any regard to the chair.

I tried to remove my hand which was below his documents but he aggressively rushed towards me and smashed his file on my face in front of the dignitaries and the entire public present there without having any respect for woman.

Looking at his father's behavior (Panch) Manuvel Furtado his son (Jervis Furtado) acted in the same behavior. He came charging on me and warned me with dire consequences with the following words "Tuka Hagach Jivem Marta and Hangasoruch purtam" (will kill you and bury here). In the action the following happened even further: jervis Furtado came threatening towards me by showing his fist at me and raisin his hand.

And to my good luck the villagers came to my rescue.

Lots of racist comments were made regarding my past generation right from my grand father to my father late Ligorio Silveira who was the Panch for 15 long years which was very embarrassing and hurting (Racism seems it is still existing in Goa).

All these remarks were passed by Panch Manuvel Furtado which has to be dealt with.

I personally lodge a complain against the racism, against the Panch Manuvel Furtado and also to the threat given to my life by Jervis Furtado and Philip D'Mello (agent of Mahendra Gaunekar) as he follows me wherever I go.

I am looking forward to know the action against such such a disastrous behavior towards women and her respect to live in today's society.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,


(Maggie Silveira)

P.S. This is a serous case involving criminal intimidation and threat to kill yet Goa Police has not even registered FIR even after completion of three month for the offence. This is the safety provided to women by the State. Police are obviously dancing to the tunes of land mafia such as Gaunekars and powerful politicians such as Madkaikars. The point is will Goa police allow themselves to be dragged into inaction even after citizens complain? Will Goa Police also then collude with these kinds of mafia and get the entire police force into mafia category? How can a threat to kill a citizen go unheeded by Goa Police?

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