Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colamb villagers force-stop Fomentos' mining transport

Colamb villagers one again foiled attempts of the Fomento mining company to begin transportation of Ore. Yestesterday March 11 2008 was another testing day for the Colamb Villagers in their battle for survival and dignified living. Mining company mobilized two jeep loads of policemen in an attempt to bulldoze the opposition even as the Goa Bench of Bombay High Court has admitted the Case by Rama Velip, Dr. Avadooth Prabhudessai and Goa Foundation.
Yesterdays action of the Fomentos confirms the fact that it has no shame whatsoever in invoking police repression. Police were brought to the mining site and were hosted with lunch party with dust flying in the air at the mining site of Hiralal Khodidas operated by Fometos.

Forest departmet officials sent their seven member delegation to the mining site and blocked the road passing through Forest department. It is not very clear as to what the mining company is trying to achieve through repeated summons to the police at the mining site.
Villagers however have stepped up their vigilance on the mining site leading to chocking of the mining company's bussiness to a great extend. These adivasi villagers are claiming that this mining company is responsible for the deteriorating condition of their agriculture.
Roads created by the mining company illegally throught the Forest bas been blocked in his manner. Now both the Forest department as well as the villagers are involved in vigilance on the mining site. The struggle in this village is intensifying with every passing day. Yestderday morning aroung 70 villagers maintained vigilance at the mining site.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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