Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brave Colamb Women in defence of their land

Colamb women are in the middle of intense struggle against the mining companies and the State Police and other administrative bodies over open cast iron ore and magnesium mining in village in South Goa's Quepem Taluka. This photo essay is a tribute to their courage. It is a tremendous inspiration to those thirsty for justice and in search of way to get it. Colamb is an exemplary example to this effect.
Women on march on March 26, 2008 on Fomento mines in their village of Colamb when GAKUVED, Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA), and Goa Foundation came to offer solidarity with the Struggle in defence of their land from mining invasion.

This Women Doment D'Souza got her hand injured while police tried to arrest her along with other women on March 25, 2008. She was one amongst 24 villagers arrested by Goa Police on that day for blocking mining transport.

Women have been marching inside Fomento mines. Rains have made the soil murky on roads hence had to march atop of fence.

Palmira Dias too was arrested on March 25 2008. Fer gold chain in neck disappeared during the arrest scuffle with male policemen.

Her ear is without earring. Her earring was snatched away by the police officials while arresting her on March 25 2008.

She speaks to the press about police collusion with mining companies and arrests of the villagers on March 25, 2008.

The daring Colamb women continues their struggle in spite of police repression on them. In fact every act of police repression has served to them further to fight.

Women maintain constant vigil on the mines, determined to foil every attempt of the administration and the mining companies to perpetuate crimes against villagers.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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Rudolf Fernandes said...

God bless the brave women of Colamb and inspire other men and women of other villages to do the same. The Mining Companies, Police Force and Government Authorities should respect the sentiments of the people. Nothing should be done without the wishes of the people.