Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Petition on Jaitapur anti-nuclear protests and police repression

Janhit Seva Samiti

At and Post Madban, Taluka Rajapur, District Ratnagiri.

Dated December 19, 2010


Respected District Superintendent of Police,

District Ratnagiri, Ratnagiri.

Sub- Regarding Mass Agitations Against Proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project.

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that we the project affected community farmers and fishermen of Madban, Mithgavane, Karel Niveli, Nate and Several Surrounding Villages have been waging peacefull protests against the above mentioned Proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project. Since the hazardous and near fatal consequences of the project are increasingly clear, the agitation as you are well aware is spreading. While we have always endeavored to wage peacefull protests, the police under the garb of maintaining law and order have been found to be arresting and pressing grave criminal charges against innocent villagers since August 2, 2010 right upto December 4, 2010 and the recent incident that took place yesterday in which a innocent villager Irfan Kazi was killed due to reckless driving by a vehicle provided by NPCIL and which was in charge of your police force.

These incidents have only instigating the local villagers against your very force and police personnel who are our very brotheren just doing their police duty. In light of the incident yesterday which has disturbed the law and order of the area once again for no fault of the local community, we the activist of the above Samiti and the agitation have met and upon deliberating on the developments so far have resolved to intensify the agitation but in a peacefull manner using the Gandhian Satyagrahi way of peacefull agitations. You may kindly take note of the peacefull manner in which the Jail Bharo Agitation of October 29, 2010 took place at Madban in which around three thousand people participated.

Some of your responsible officers are clearly biased against us and have fallen short in understanding the reasons which form the base of the agitations and the manner in which we have sought to agitate. In fact these officers have time and again provoked the peacefull protestors to take either take law into their own hands or have pressed serious criminal charges against such villagers who were not even part of the agitation. The nature of the charges being pressed against villagers is of such serious nature that it they are not even found to be pressed against hardcore criminals.

In light of the above you may kindly take note that our agitations is against wrongfull and hazardous developmental policies of the government and not against the police, we wish to continue and intensify our agitation but in a peacefull manner till this project is cancelled.

In light of this you are requested to instruct your police officers not to implicate innocent villagers and workers at every opportunity. There is a fear that if this trend continues unscrupulous elements may infiltrate our agitation to create law and order situations which would then be beyond our control and yours too and for we which we shall definitely not be responsible. Hope you shall consider the above and seeing it in true light give necessary instructions to your police officers to maintain restraint in dealing with mass agitations.

Yours Sincerely

Arun Velaskar Madhu Mohite Mangesh Chavan Satyajit Chavan


Pravin Gavankar Sharfuddin Kazi Sri Krishna Mayekar Amjad Borkar

Ramesh Kajwe Rajendra Wadekar Saiyyad Habib Vijay Raut

Uttam Pawaskar Anil Tirlotkar Vilas Awasare Prashant Harchekar

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