Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Goa SEZ mega scam

The land in phase 4 of goa idc in verna was acquired with grants from central govt for indl growth. In the writ petition 263/08 filed by john philip and august monteiro against 5 SEZ'S in verna and the judgement & order dt 26/11/10 of the mumbai high court is a victory of the people over corruption. In the 11 petition filed in the high court the judgement clearly shows that instead of GIDC developing industries, has acted as a agent by alloting land to SEZ to bring mall, hotels etc causing 3rd party rights since section 6 of the SEZ act states that even non processing activity are permitted to be set up in the SEZ area.

The decision to allot land to 4 SEZ was held on 19/4/06 in goa idc 's 287 board meeting without proper corum which had to be 5 members but only 4 members present namely

1) babu kawlekar chairman

2) alexio sequeira

3) nitin kunkolienkar

4) a.v palekar MD


In the process allotment of open spaces and internal road were alloted free of charge without the boards permission and later charged at rs 100/-sqmts.

The allotment was done without the direction of section 16 of goa idc act by only support of luizinho faleiro and pratapsingh rane then Cm which was totally illegal.The board also decided not to levy transfer fee sub lease, assignments charges and annual lease rent for SEZ was reduced from 2% to 0.5%.

Tenders were floated for roads which were already in possesion of SEZ at the cost of rs 1,82,30,826/-

In the course of judgement the IDC lawyer stated that since there were no takers for the land in phase 4 the same were alloted to SEZ. IDC did not make it public the availability of the said land and since there were no takers the sais land should have been returned to the original owners as it was acquired

by land acquisition act under urgency clause.

The CAG report was produced in court also confirmed what the petitioners were alleging . The allotment of land has caused more than 100 cr loss to the exchequer.

The house committee under the chairmanship of manohar parrikar has to take immediate further steps to inquire and call all concerned in the scam to depose before him, responsibility have to be fixed on the concerned authority including recovery of losses caused to the exchequer from the concerned person.

The SEZ scam is the mother of all scams in goa, similar to 2G scam at the centre and of the same magnitude.

Goa is systematically destroyed by mining, land acquisition of communidade land, destruction of paddy fields and forest, hill cutting and over exploitation of water through bore wells. The action demanded are,

1) appoint professionals on board of directors if IDC,

2) stop further land acquisition for industrial estates

3) area above certain limit should be auctioned for inds,

4) perceptive plan of development of industrial infrastructure

5) all lands alloted creating 3rd party rights should be reverted to IDC including 20 pt programme in phase 4.

6) The present govt functionaries should resign on moral grounds

a) pratapsing rane

b) alexio sequeira

c) babu kawlekar

CBI investigation to be conducted and FIR filed on all guilty, also on board members who were present to confirm the minutes and on board members who remained absent for not protesting against the decision.


John philip pereira

august monteiro

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