Monday, March 29, 2010

Mining Lure: Goa Forest department's hide-n-seek with Tigers

Against the claims made by the Forest department the villagers of Cavrem claims that there are Tigers in the Forest of Cavrem , Maina and the surrounding areas

The villagers of cavrem to that effect has written to the Prime Minister of India requesting the Prime Minister to protect these species. That after writing to the Prime Minister the officials of forest department who mostly seen in Quepem town moving with the mining agents have started investigating into the matter. Those who have written to the Prime Minister the forest officials calling them for inquiry.

There are so many sites named after Tiger on the mountain of Cavrem. On the foot of “Mita Agor” mountain there is a big Savor tree which is about 100 years old is called as “Vaga Savor”. Which has height of about two meters has sitting stand. The village elder Sonu Velip who is about 70 years of age, informed this correspondent, along with said Sonu and one Tulsidas velip of Cavrem visited the site informed that earlier at least twice in a week late in the evening tiger was seen sitting on this tree. People used to be afraid to move on the mountain. At the visit to the site on 24th march this correspondent noticed some fresh clutches on the said Savor trees. Pointing out to the clutches on the said Savor tree Tulshidas Velip who accompanied this correspondent informed that these are the clutches of Tiger. He further informed that recently the tiger might have climbed the Savor Tree.

That said Sonu Velip who has his cashew plantation at Pika Dongor informed that few days back he had heard the intimidation of Tiger near Paika Zor. When question can the intimidation be of leopard said sonu reply that the intimidation is certainly of Tiger as intimidation of leopard cannot be heard at far of distance.

An RFO who was initially working at Cavrem range with a condition not to disclose his name informed that during the last animal census they had noticed the pug mark of Tiger "but in order not to have any headache we have hide the same. "

One villager from Pirla informed that every year in the month of April and May Tigers make his presence in Pirla area.

On the other hand the forest guard who are rarely seen moving in the forest and who favors the mining companies operating in the area claims that there are not tigers in the Cavrem Maina Forest.

The villagers are now constantly writing to the Prime Minister to protect the tigers in the area so as not to repeat the incident of killing of Tiger like that of taken place at Keri Sattari.

John Fernandes

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