Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goa Police called at my residence today

Two policemen from Goa police today called at my residence at 11.50 am with regard to their inquiry on illegal mining in Goa. Policemen belonging to secret police - Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sought to know from me the details about illegal mining in Goa. I told them that all the mines in Goa are illegal as all of them function with inbuilt illegalities. There are one set of mines who function with care-a-dam attitude to legal permissions. Chief operators in this category are Anil Salgaonkar, Joaquim Alemao and Prasanna Ghotge. For these category of people their words and deeds is law. They believe in buying off law enforcement authorities and also Goa's MLAs in ruling and opposition, Ministers including the Chief minister, bureaucrats, police as well as scientists alike. Politicians and Political parties- particularly those sharing power and in opposition are funded by mining companies. They share a considered opinion that this will go on forever.

Then there are other set of mines who operate with permissions from various authorities and violate the terms and conditions and qualify themselves to be illegal. These permissions includes Environmental Clearanace from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Consents under Waater Act and Air Act from Goa State Pollution Control Board, Lease order under Lease deed, FC order under Forest Conservation Act, NOC under Wildlife Protection Act, Mining Plan submitted to Indian bureau of Mines, Environment Management Plan, and Dump Management Plan. Hence all the mines in Goa are illegal as they violate number of conditions. The total number of conditions are over 150.

There is a need for Goa Police to organize capacity building program in order to equip themselves in criminally charging the mining companies. So far Goa Police has the capacity to lavishly unleash terror on people protesting mining plunder of Goa.

DVD containing slide show "Environment and Mining" by Ramesh Gauns and Sebastian Rodrigues was handed over to the policemen and Rs.50/- was recovered from them as a cost of dvd that I had purchased for my work.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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