Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tarcar Mining: Rivona Sarpanch Gheraoed

Due to unbearable situation created in Colamb due to transportation of Iron Ore truck by Tarcar mine operating in Sulcorna village agitated Colamb villagers gheraoed Village sarpanch Manshi Naik at the Panchayat office in Rivona. About 25 villagers mostly women had gone to complain to the Panchayat authorities about pathetic road conditions created due to operation of mining trucks from Tarcar mines in nearby Sulcorna village.

Sulcorna village in 100% under various mining leases during Portuguese period. Former Congress - (I) candidate for Panjim constituency associated with Youth Congress - Dinar Tarcar has been involved in predatory form of iron ore mining in Sulcorna. Besides ruining Sulcorna, its transportation is ruining public roads of Colamb and Rivona as well. Colamb villagers today expressed their displeasure to the village authorities.

Gherao was resorted to, according to eye witness Motesh Antao, when Sarpanch Ms. Manshi Naik behaved in high handed manner and refused to listen to the grievances of the villagers present at the Panchayat office. Instead of listening to the villagers she tried to shut voices of the villagers by ordering them to shut up.

Villagers then accused Sarpanch of being on the pay roll of the mining companies demanded her resignation. It is only after the verbal duel with the villagers that Sarpanch reluctantly agreed to write letter to the concerned authorities regarding the destruction of roads in Colamb village by Tarcar mining transportation from nearby Sulcorna village.

It is indeed tragedy of Goa that we have people like Manshi Naik as Sarpanches in Goa; earlier they are overthrown by People Power better it is for Goa's future, or we are all destined to be stiffled by mining companies.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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