Saturday, February 9, 2008

Goa government increases security to Colamb Fomento Mine

Sensing trouble from villagers Goa government increased police security for the Fomento mining company operating in Colamb, Sanguem to the peril of the village agriculture. Today morning from 8.00 am onwards one bus and three jeeps load of police (around 40 police personnel) are forced to inhale deadly dust at Hiralal and Khodidas mine bearing TC. No. 06/49. While villagers are fighting to protect their livelihood sources State Government of Goa is determine to reduce the villagers to beggars. There is something drastically gone wrong in the heads of those ruling Goa today.

The largely adivasi population of Colamb has decided to intensify thier agitation by adopting various methods to shut down the mining company. Kicks of Police force they received yesterday cannot silence thier voices nor thier resolve to struggle with all thier might. Police yesterday could escape with apologies for beating up villagers. but is high time that some heads in the Police department roll. ASI P V Desai must be penalized for his irresponsible behaviour. More importantly mining company who has directed police officers to behave violently must resist from this temptation as it is only going to backfire at the mining industry in Goa and particularly fomentos. Goa government must direct police force not to act as paid agents of fometo mining company any longer as people are now vigilant and revoke police protection accorded to the mining company against the will of the Colamb People.

Hats off to Colamb People for forcing Police to admit its fault and forcing them to publicly apologize yesterday evening.

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