Friday, February 8, 2008

Fomentos employ Goa Police to terrorise villagers in Colamb, Sanguem

Believe it or not Goa Police has gone frustrated and berserk at Colamb villagers stubborn resistance to Fomento mining company. At around 3.00 pm today two police Jeeps caught hold of one villagers Agnelo Dias from Kevona, Colamb in Sanguem Taluka, put him inside on of the two jeeps and kicked him with shoes on at upper portion of his thigh.

There are around 10 policemen in two Police jeeps surrounded by around 100 Colamb villagers in Kevona, Colamb when the last reports came in. Villagers are questioning the Polie in their villagers on Goa Polices' act of terror. against the villagers.

The police frustration is understandable considering it has been providing police protection to disastrous Fomento open cast iron mine bearing TC. No. 06/49 in the name of Hiralal Khodidas. Villagers had attacked this mine on January 21 2008 and subsequently company operated the mine with Police protection between January 23 2008 up to January 29 2008. State intelligence agency CID tried its level best to instigate the villagers to attack the mine again so that villagers could be arrested en mass a la Salleli. However People proved smarter and did not attack the mining company. Instead Gawda, Kunbi, Velip and Dhangar Federation (GAKUVED) led the silent morcha on January 28 2008 in Panjim and hogged publicity on front page of Marathi newspapers with its banner "Save Colamb from Mining Terrorism".

Transportation of Ore is being done through forest areas illegally and for this GAKUVED has served 48 hours deadline on Chief Conservator Forest. 48 hours deadline is also served to carry demolition of weigh bridge illegally constructed in forest land at Colamb by Fomentos.
Terror tactic of Goa Police today is going on in Colamb under this background in Colamb, Sanguem. Shame Goa Police Shame! You'll have stooped so low and hit Agnelo Dias below belt and its repercussions will be felt for a long time to come for this State of Goa. We have not yet forgotten as to how PI Sammy Tavares was used by same Fometo ten years ago to Kick and humiliate Surya Sawant of Cacra nagrik Vikas Samiti at Goa Velha Police Station.

This ongoing clash is between the citizens who pay taxes to State, Police who are paid and maintained by public taxes by kick below belt very people who legally pay them, and between the mining company that is well know for kicking people's stomachs.

It would be indeed pleasant for Goa as well as Goa Police if it resists temptation from mining companies to undertake to do their dirty job. It is hoped that Police authorities - IPG, DGP, SP (South), Home Minister, Chief Minister, and Governor Jamir take note of this and direct Goa Police to behave themselves once and for all. For People principal enemies are not Police but mining company Fomento at present stage. Please do not behave silly Goa Police.

Goa Police withdraw immediately from Colamb now! We don't pay taxes to harrass and terrorise Goa's common People. Don't be a shield for Fomentos. Shame Goa Police! Shame!! Shame!!!

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