Friday, November 23, 2007

Fomento Mining continues ravaging Sanguem Forest

In Goa there is begining of international film Festival as well as begining of hunger strike protests against Special Economic Zones (SEZs). But mining companies continues their ugly devastating trades in the deep interiors veins of Goa Causing unimaginable long term destruction of forests and people's livelihood options.
Sanguem forest continues to be at the receiving end from Fomento mining at Colamb with an hurry to export ore to China amidst tight private security. In a latest move of the company over the past five days the company is involved with daring encroachments of forest area, infact buring the forest alive once again.
This time the company that owns five star hotel Cidade de Goa have dugged huge hole to the ground and after cutting forest trees are dumped inside the hole and covered with mud.

Mining officials are clearly sitting with closed ears and closed eyes pretending they know nothing. Their office phones rings but no one wants to pick up the call to answer as thier stomachs are understandably full of notes from mining companies, after all whoses forest is it any way! Mining has such a power over earth and the life on it.

The pristine forest of Sanguem and in Colamb is soon going to a history to be read by school children of the future.

Mining companies are leaving no stone unturn - including the boundary stones to pursue and obey the rules of the market and capital. Children of the future will read in thier text book 'Once upon a time Goa was green, and minng companies like Timblos, Dempos, Chowgules, Salgaoncars and many others turned it red.'

Hurry up go and have a look at Colamb, Sanguem while still some greenery remain, as it will dissapear within next few months if major rivolt does not come about.

Sky is the limit for the mining greed. The exploitation will continue till last mineral ore is cracked under the soil and sold to the foreign countries like China and Foreign exchange is earned by the Union of India and all the agrarial livihood options will be dissolved under in mining dust.

It is time, indeed oppportune time to further intesnsify movements against mining that are underway in Goa. People in Colamb are fighting, People in Rivona are fighting, People in Usgao are fighting, People in Sarvan are fighting, People in Amona-Naveli are fighting, People in Panchwadi are fighting. At last people all over are awakening. MAND experiences the rythm of Protest.

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